Phone call from country Haiti to country Solomon Islands

How to make a phone call from country Haiti to country Solomon Islands? If you are calling from country Haiti to country Solomon Islands it is an international call. For this type of call, you must also enter the country code of country Solomon Islands. Click on the country name for more information.

⇆ Call from Solomon Islands to Haiti

This is the procedure for making a call:
  • IDD country code Haiti 011
    What is IDD - This number is used for calling to another country (international call).
  • international country code Solomon Islands 677
  • phone area code Example: Lata 53
  • telephone number
  • 011 677 53 telephone number

If you are calling a mobile phone number, you do not enter a phone area code:
  • 011 677 mobile phone number

Telephone area codes - Solomon Islands

  • Auki011 677 40
  • Buala011 677 35
  • Honiara011 677 2
  • Kirakira011 677 50
  • Lata011 677 53
  • Noro011 677 61

Solomon Islands

Located on a different continent than Haiti. Located on the continent Australia and Oceania. The capital city is Honiara. Haiti has more inhabitants than Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands In are used power plugs and sockets of type I,G and 230 V 50 Hz. If you travel to this country, you may need a voltage converter. Both countries share at least one electrical outlet. You may not need a travel adapter. More information about Solomon Islands

Calling from Solomon Islands to other countries

In this list you will find links to make phone calls between countries. It is a list of countries you can call from Solomon Islands.